Australian Native Trees and Plants for Vectorworks, Part 1

My good friend Andrew over at Envirographic has created a small group of Australian plant images, and i have converted these into Vectorworks image props. To show these, I have places the 7 plants around a simple building model.

Here is what Andrew says:
This first part includes 5 new trees. As a bonus, we decided to include the Eucalyptus and Swamp banksia from the free page in all available file formats – exclusive to this product.
1 Eucalyptus platypus (Moort)
1 Casuarina cunninghamiana (River oak)
1 Ficus macrophylla (Moreton Bay fig)
1 Eucalyptus polyanthemos (Red box)
1 Xanthorrhoea australis (Grass tree)
1 Eucalyptus free
1 Swamp banksia free
As with all our products, each plant is hand traced and every edge is re-touched to guarantee the highest quality. The Casuarina alone took just over 200 hours to complete from start to finish.
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