Productivity Techniques in Vectorworks

In April 2011, the Vector-workout Subscription webinars will be looking at productivity techniques. I believe that if you make sure you are using these techniques, you can save a lot of time. If you are not using these techniques you are loosing over thirty minutes every day (over two hours a week, a day a month…).

The productivity techniques fall into categories:

  1. Make your workspace more efficient. Get rid of tools you don’t need, make others easier to find.
  2. Learn the basic tools really well, they will power your Vectorworks.
  3. Learn about the other tools, the ones that don’t look so easy.
  4. Set up your Vectorworks system to make drawing productive.
  5. Use Vectorworks everyday, even if it’s only to practice.
  6. Stay up to date with the software, update when a new patch comes out, upgrade when you can.
  7. Stay up to date with training. Attend monthly meetings and the online communities.

For our online webinar, we will be looking at all these topics. Some of the topics are easy to cover, like the last 2, but others require a lot of demonstration, so most of the webinar will be focusing on the first four topics. These topics are the ones that are the hardest to discover on your own.

As an example, in last month’s webinar on the quick site analysis, I showed a few tricks for drawing polygons quickly, and then reshaping them. This trick saves me a few seconds, but it also saves me a lot of aggravation. For me, saving the aggravation is as important as saving time.
So, the aim of the webinar is to make you more efficient, to make Vectorworks easier to use, to to make it more fun to use Vectorworks.
If you are a subscriber, you can book now for the April online sessions.
If you want to find out about subscribing, read more at this web site.

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