SST_1102 – Creating a Swimming Pool

This is a case study on creating a 3D model of a swimming pool, and using the model to create plans, sections, and details. We will model the swimming pool, in 3D. You could use the model to create planes, sections and details (but this isn’t in the notes). We will be looking at using the pool to modify a site model, to see if the swimming pool can be used to create site modifiers or cut and fill calculations.

This workshop will be looking at modeling a swimming pool. We will start with a hand drawn concept and use this to give us the rough sizes. We will create a simple, overall shape for the pool, and then we will edit the shape, gradually refining it as we work on the 3D model. We want to use the pool as a sales tool, so we will have to add some textures, and maybe a diving board.

When the 3D model is completed, the model can be used to create plans and sections. If model the pool carefully, you can use small section viewports to start the details for the pool.


  • Creating a Swimming Pool – Introduction
  • Getting Started With the Plan
  • Extruding the Base Shape
  • Cut the Pool to a Slope
  • Radius The Pool Corners
  • Building the Pool Edge
  • Rounding the Bottom of the Pool
  • Cutting Out the Pool
  • Creating the Steps
  • Creating the Site Modifiers
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