Progress on Vectorworks for Museum and Exhibit Designers

The Vectorworks course for Museum and Exhibit Designers is going really well. The attendees are getting heaps out of the course and having a lot of fun as well. We are 3 sessions into part two of the course. We have imported a DXF/DWG file from the Internet, rescaled it to make it accurate.

Now we have converted it into 3D. Vectorworks has some really quick tricks for converting the plans into a model. I rendered this in Renderworks, and was really amazed with the rendering, the light looks subtle. We will be looking at rendering soon, but I wanted to see what we have created so far.

The course has almost finished now. All the online teaching has been completed, but the students decided that they wanted time to finish off the projects and be graded on their work.

The students have really enjoyed this course and they have made fantastic progress. I’m very happy.

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