Creating a Swimming Pool

This month the Vector-workout Subscription CPD manual will be focusing on building a swimming pool. The manual is currently being written, and as I write the manual, I make the object in Vectorworks to make sure I get the best screen shots. I hope you can see from this image, the pool is looking really nice.

It is reasonably easy to use some standard textures for the pool edge and inside, but I did spend some time making a water texture. Here is the pool without the water. The 3D modeling does not take that long. Vectorworks has some really great tools to make it easy to create this.

We will be linking this pool to a site model, and use some site modifiers to get it to sit correctly in the site model. If we added some  trees and a building, it

So, if you are a subscriber, book now for the online sessions, it’s nearly too late.

If you want to subscribe, you can join at this web site…

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