Training First, or Work First?

I have been contributing to a discussion on upgrading to Vectorworks 2011. I suggested better training, and the responder said, work first, then training. Another responder suggested training first, then work, because when you get busy you do not have time for training.

A few years ago, before the recession, the number one reason from clients for not training was a lack of time. Yes, they would love to be more efficient, yes, they would like training, but they are just too busy at the moment. When thing quiet down, then they will have time for training.

Now that we have a slow-down and clients have more time, they do not have the money to invest in training. So, now I hear clients saying that they need to get work in first, then they can afford training. I can see it now, when they get enough work in, they will say that they do not have time for training.

My answer is to get the training now.

What about the cost? Well, you can read the blogs, no charge. You can watch youtube movies, no cost.

You can join my Vector-workout Subscription. The monthly change is very reasonable, about the same as a meal at a mid-range restaurant. There are 36 back issues to read, that should keep you happy for a while, and a new manual and online training each month.

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