Using Planar objects in Vectorworks Architect 2011

One of the new techniques in Vectorworks 2011 is planar objects. These objects are easy to make and they can be used to change your presentation techniques. You can now add color and hatching into your 3D models.

To start, create your 3D model using walls, doors, windows and roofs. Just as you would in previous versions of Vectorworks.





Use the extract surface tool from the 3D Model toolset.





Go to the Tool Bar.

Click on the Preferences button.

Check to make sure Extract Planar Objects is checked.





Click on the face of a wall.

The face will highlight.

Then the enter key to confirm the planar object. You can click on several faces if you hold down the Shift key.



After the object is created, use the Attributes Palette to apply a hatch to  the planar object.











You can do this for all sides of the building and the roof.


I have covered this in detail in my Vectorworks Essentials Tutorial Manual available from Vectorworks.

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