Creating a Custom Color with Vectorworks 2008-2012

Get The Color Information

I found this great app on the iTunes store for an iphone, or iPod Touch. It is called Resene and it has all the Resene colors and wallpapers in it. I understand there are similar apps for Benjamin Moore.






When you start the app, you can choose the iFandeck.







This is a list of all the Resene colors, divided up into color fans, that matches the fans you can get from Resene. Just choose the fan you want.







All the colors on the fan are displayed for you.








When you click on the color, iFandeck will show you a whole screen of that color, along with the name and other information.







Click on More info > and you get this, all the color information you need to add this color to a custom palette in Vectorworks.


You can use the RBG color numbers to create a new Vectorworks color.




Creating a Custom Color

Go to the Attributes Palette.

Click on the Solid Color Fill part of the palette, just under the Fill style button.

Click on the Color Palette Manager button, the last button on the right.





This is the control center for the color palette. You use this to add color palettes, and to create your own color palette.  You can use this to turn on palettes that come with Vectorworks. You can’t see the colors in these palettes, unless



Click on the New… button.





Name your new color palette. Vectorworks will add this color palette to all your Vectorworks drawings.







Click on the New… button to add a new color.







Name the color. I am using the same name that I got from my iPhone.




Click on the color button. You use this to edit the color.




Type in the RGB numbers from the iPhone app, or from a web site, or some other resource. If you have the CMYK, you can use the CMY sliders.

Check the slider numbers.

Click on the OK button.





The color button shows you the new color.

Click on the OK button.



The new color is added to your custom palette.

Add more colors.

When you have finished, click on the OK button.





Make sure your custom color palette has a tick next to its name. Otherwise, the palette will not show up in the Attributes Palette.


Click on the OK button.


There is your new color in the Attributes Palette.

You can assign it to objects, and textures.

You will be able to see this color in all Vectorworks files.

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