Make 2011 the Year of Training

At this time of the year, my wood shed is empty (it is summer here now), and it is time to cut fire wood and stack it in my wood shed ready for the winter. It always makes me think about how to train my clients better, because I know they need the training before they can use the new skills.

This year, I had to re-build my wood shed. The old shed was really old, and made out of sub-standard timber. So, it has rotted over the years. I have put off re-building it, but I can’t any longer, it was falling to pieces. This year was a good year to re-build, nearly all my wood was gone, so the wood shed was really empty. I have re-build the shed with 4″x4″ treated timber and I installed a gutter to remove most of the rainwater that used to pour into the shed.

Now it is time to cut fire wood and fill up the wood shed. We will not be needing a fire for five months or so yet, so why cut the wood now? The wood needs to dry to be useful, and it needs several months to get really dry, so it burns well.

What do this have to do with Vectorworks? It is an analogy about training. You need to get training ahead of the time you need it. You need to practice your new skills to get better at them. When you need these skills, they will be practiced and honed to a sharp edge.
I have taught a lot of people, not always Vectorworks. Those that practice between sessions make fantastic progress, those that don’t struggle. Always, they need the training before it can be useful and they need practice before they become effective users.
Make this year the year you put training as a priority. Make your yourself more valuable by building your skill level. I can help. I have manuals, coursesonline support, and an amazing subscription service to help you.

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