archoncad web site updated for 2011

At the end of last year, I asked my subscribers to rate my performance for the year. All my users said that the service I provided for the subscription was beyond their expectations. Some users told me they had never seen a service like it before, and many scored me 10/10. So for my subscription, there were no complaints.

However, there were several complaints about my archoncad web site, which isn’t really part of the subscription. They noted that my web site as confusing, disjointed, and looked tired. I have to agree. I have wanted to update my web site for some time now, and this has given me a lot of useful feedback. I have not finished adding all the short manuals to my web site, but there are 11 short manuals currently listed.

I have spent some time over the holiday period to update my archoncad web site and my Vector-workout subscribers web site. They are now clean, more consistent, and they should make it easier to find what you want. The archoncad website is still branded as the archoncad web site, and the subscription web site is now branded as the  Subscription Service.

See the new home page here…

See the new Vector-workout subscription website here…

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