Vectorworks Tutorial Manuals

I was reading a thread on the Vectorworks email list the other day. The user was having trouble with a concept in Vectorworks. By the time the user had asked his questions, waited for answers and asked further questions, they must have wasted several hours. The answers to most of the questions were in the Vectorworks Essential Tutorial manual.

I realize I should have told the user this are the very beginning, but I was not aware that the user had my manuals, and in the past I have been told off for promoting my manuals instead of answering the user’s questions. But the reality is that if the answer is in one of my manuals, it will be fully explained with screen shots, detailed descriptions and movies. In this case I did not answer the user, but at the end of the thread, the user noted that the answer had been there all along.

The moral of the story is that if you have one of my manuals, look for the answer in there, if you find the answer, it will be a full and detailed answer, and it will save you a lot of time waiting for an answer from others.

If you do not have any of my manuals, get them, they have a lot of information in them. If you are upgrading your Vectorworks, you might be tempted to not buy one of my manuals, after all, you have been using Vectorworks for some time. But, what if you do not know everything, wouldn’t it be worth it to have some additional information.

Check out my manuals here…

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