Use Vectorworks to Make your Gingerbread House

Season’s Greetings. Here is a seasonal use for Vectorworks. Learn how you can use Vectorworks to model a full size gingerbread house, and use the model to print out the template for cutting out the parts.

This one-hour webinar will be interactive, and it is ideal for a beginner that wants to start Vectorworks with a simple project. Along the way we will learn how to draw simple walls, a simple roof, how to match the walls to the roof, and how to generate the wall elevations. Along the way, we will also learn about some of the important organizing concepts of Vectorworks, using design layers, classes, viewports and sheet layers.

Each year, my daughter I make a gingerbread house. For the past few years we have used the same design, a house that I modeled in Vectorworks and printed out full size as a template to cut out the part and stick together with icing.

This is our first version. It is very similar to our own house.

This is last year’s gingerbread house. It is the same model, but we decorated it differently, including the snow on the ground (secrect trick for this).

And Here is the mock up for this year’s gingerbread house. This is more ambitious. There are 12 walls that have to be drawn, and 8 roofs. In Vectorworks I am able to print each wall full size, and each roof face.

This is a fun use of Vectorworks, but it does show you have you can use BIM, and you will learn some valuable Vectorworks techniques for drawing buildings, creating elevations and using viewports.

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