SST_1011 – Intermediate Annotation

There are several annotation tools in Vectorworks. There are the fundamental tools like the text tool, dimensions, and so on. But there are several other tools that you may not use, because you do not know they are there. That’s what this manual is about.


  • Intermediate Annotation – Introduction
  • Callout Tool
  • Placing a Callout
  • Editing a Callout
  • Creating a Note Database
  • Adding Sections and Notes
  • Adding More Notes to The Note Database
  • Keynotes
  • Change the Keynote Order in the Legend
  • Using More Than One Legend
  • General Notes
  • Creating General Notes
  • Editing General Notes
  • Slope Dimension
  • Grid Bubble
  • Creating a Grid Bubble
  • Moving the Grid Bubble
  • Break Line
  • Redline Tool
  • Creating a Redline
  • Show or Hide Redlines
  • Creating a Redline Report
  • Revision Cloud and Revision Marker
  • Drawing  a Detail Reference
  • Internal Elevation Marker
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