Intermediate Annotation in Vectorworks – Webinar

I have 3 webinars (they all cover the same information) coming up on Intermediate annotation.

There are several annotation tools in Vectorworks. There are the fundamental tools like the text tool, dimensions, and so on. But there are several other tools that you may not use, because you do not know they are there. That’s what this manual is about.

The callout tool can be used to place a note with an arrow. In its simplest way, you can type in the note you want and have the arrow line go from the  text to the object. But there is more, you can create a database to store notes and use the callout tool to place those notes on the drawing. This is a big advantage; you can create a library of well written and researched note, then use them again and again.

You can use the callout tool without using a database if you want, but you are losing a lot of power. The callout works really well if you get the text from a database. This allows you to set up database of standard notes that you can use on job after job. You can even set up an office database so that several people can look at the same database and share notes.

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