SST_1010 – What’s New in Vectorworks 2011

You may not want to upgrade, you may not be able to afford to upgrade, but I still think you should read about what is new in Vectorworks 2011. There are some new ways what will change the way you think about creating your models.


  • Text Styles
  • Creating a Text Style
  • Editing a Text Style
  • Assigning a Text Style to a Text Object
  • Assigning a Text Style to a Dimension Standard
  • Assigning a Text Style to Other Objects
  • Planar Objects
  • Push/Pull Tool
  • Extract Tool
  • Wall Styles
  • Slabs
  • Floor Slab
  • A Ceiling is Still a Slab
  • Existing Tree
  • Scalable Symbols
  • Scaling Symbols
  • Page Unit Symbols
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