short Sharp Training Monthly – What’s New in Vectorworks 2011

The online user group, which I call Short Sharp Training (Monthly) is looking at the new Vectorworks 2011 this month. There has been a lot of online resources looking at the new features of Vectorworks 2011. I do not want to repeat these, I want to look at about 11 topics in detail:

Text Styles 

  • Creating a Text Style
  • Editing a Text
  • Assigning a Text Style to a Text Object
  • Assigning a Text Style to a Dimension Standard
  • Assigning a Text Style to Other Objects

Planar graphics

  • This is a big change. It will change the way you draw, and it will change the way you think about your drawings. Calling a rectangle 2D will not make sense with planar graphic, because a rectangle can be on any 3D plane.

Push/Pull Tool

  • This can be used to replace the extrude command, add solids, subtract solids, and it is very quick to use. Goodbye sketchup!

Extract Tool

  • This tool has been around for a while, but it has a new very powerful feature. It can now create planar objects from a 3D object or model.

Wall Styles

  • Wall styles are not new, but they have been improved. You now have control over the 3D height of each wall component.


  • These are new. They replace floors and they work with your walls styles to create complex wall/ceiling/floor geometry.

Working in 3D – 3D Modeling

  • If we bring together working planes, planar graphics and the push/pull tool, we can model objects much faster and more intuitively than before.

Working in 3D – Building

  • If we bring together the improvements in walls,  slabs and planar graphics, we can model our buildings more easily and more quickly.

Existing Tree

  • for users outside Australia and New Zealand, this is a new tool, and very useful. You can identify and schedule existing trees on site.

I see these as the most important changes. They will change your workflow. I want to look at these topics and show how to use them and how to implement these concepts in your work.

This should be a really fun session. Book as soon as you can.

Presentation 60 minutes. Q&A about 15 min.
Cost : You have to be a subscriber to join this webinar. You can subscribe here, or you can join this session for a one-off change of $35US.

Session 1: Monday 11th October 2010 (NZDT) Book here:

Session 2: Wednesday 13th October 2010 (NZDT) Book here:
Session 3: Friday 15th October 2010 (NZDT) Book here:

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