Monthly Support for Vectorworks

Many people do not know that each month I write a manual for Vectorworks that includes linked movies. I have been writing the manuals since the beginning of 2007, which means that I’ve written about 43 monthly manuals since I started. Until recently, I was only able to keep about a year’s worth of manuals and movies on my web site.

But this week, I found out how I can keep the movies (and there are over 633 of them since I started) safe for my subscribers. This means that I can free up room on my web site, for storing more of the back issues. At the moment I have uploaded all the manuals back to the start of 2008, which means there are 32 manuals on my web site for my subscribers.

This should make it easier for my subscribers to get the back issues, and they will be able to get access to all the movies. Eventually, subscribers will be able to access all of these movies.

Only subscribers are able to access these manuals and movies, so for the best Vectorworks monthly support, you should be subscribe to my online user group. Subscribe here…

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