Viewing PDF files on iPad

I am getting closer to getting movies into my ebooks. I have successfully linked the movies in my monthly user group manuals.

To get the PDF files onto you iPad or iPhone, you use iTunes. Drag the PDF file to iTunes, and it will be added to your iTunes library. When you sync your iPhone or iPad, the pdf file will be uploaded.



All ebooks and PDF files added to your iTunes library are added to the iBook application. To see them, open the iBook app on your iphone or iPad.  ebooks have their own bookcase, and so do PDF’s. you can see the PDF on the shelf.

When you tap on the PDF, it opens for you to read. You can pinch the PDF to make the text or images larger. turn pages by flicking them.

I have found out how to add a link to my user group movies on my web site. When you tap the link, you are asked if you want to leave the book.

When you type in the user name and password, the movie plays. I used to use an old movie codec (format), but I have changed the codec to H.264, and now the movies play successfully.

If you rotate the iPad, the movies play in full screen.





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