Short Sharp Training (Monthly) – July 2010 Creating a Plumbing Schematic in Vectorworks – Feedback

The feedback this month was very pleasing. I’ve had a few people just send me thank-you’s for the training this month. The funny thing was, I was concerned that I had covered enough information to keep every one occupied for the hour online. As it turned out, we used any extra time with other questions and answers.

In one meeting, the people online wanted to discuss creating a Vectorworks library, and we ended up talking about adding extra tools to your Vectorworks, and where to find the tools in Some of the tools are mine, and freely available at vectordepot. One of the online users, Steve, made a list of useful things he learned at the meeting, and he has allowed me to post a copy of his list. Steve got 6 useful tips from the session, which he says more than pays for the cost and the time spent.

Two other users just emailed me out of the blue to say thanks, what a great session…

Join these users each month and learn to use Vectorworks better. 

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