off the grid timber frame building created in Vectorworks

I always love looking at these images of heavy timber construction from webnash. The webnash founder, Michael Erkkinen, has been designing and building houses in Vectorworks, using the modeling tools to create his frames, ever since he got my 3D Modeling book from NNA.

This is the rendered view from Vectorworks. (from the webnash web site)

So, every time Michael posts a blog about one is his buildings, I like to read about it and see what he is up to. I was interested in this view, you can see the rendered model stuck on the wall so everyone knows what the building should look like (image from the webnash web site).

I especially like to read about Michael’s building technology. He is interested in buildings that have a long life, that look after the occupants, and buildings that can generate their own energy.

Well done Michael, keep up the good work.

You can read the blog, and see all the other photos at the webnash web site…

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