Central California User group

24th June 2010, Fresno, California
Thanks again to my sponsor www.novedge.com (vectorworks resellers) and www.vectorworking.com (the vectorworks online community) for making these visits possible. 

Due to the airlines, I as really late to the user group meeting, but that’s another story. We had a great evening looking again at 3D. Not 3D for working drawings, but using 3D at the really early stages. 

I think that at a very early stage, you can use simple extrusions to create a block model of the project so you can test your ideas. Sure, I know a lot of people start the concept in plan, I’m saying you shouldn’t do that, but as well as, you could look at some rough 3D forms. I had a project once where the quick 3D model helped the Architect and I to resolve some really tricky junctions. The 3D model only took 5 minutes to show the problems, and having found them, the architect and I spent about 30 minutes sorting out the problems and resolving the concept in 3D. This was a powerful lesson to me, because I was told not to make a 3D model, but having made one, the architect was very happy to use it to improve the quality of the concept model. 

The favorite manual I showed tonight was the 3D Modeling manual form NNA, the one I wrote. There is some great stuff in there, one of the new chapters is the one on working planes, which we discussed. When you want to draw 3D models quickly and effectively, working planes make it easy. 

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