Philadelphia User Group Meeting

22nd June 2010

Thanks again to my sponsor (vectorworks resellers) and (the vectorworks online community) for making these visits possible. 
I travelled into Philadelphia early on the train with my aunt so I could see a little of this historic city.  Philadelphia is the city were the Declaration of Independance was written and signed, starting the war, and ultimately seperating USA from England. 
The Philadelphia User Group meets at the AIA, which is very nice. Air conditioned an nicely designed.
Again, the topics that most people seem to want to know about are:
When to use 3D modeling
How to use simple 3D modeling
How to have fun with NURBS. 
It seems to me, that there is a challange here. How to get users to see that creating objects is not a luxury that you do after you have done the real work in 2D. 3D can really help at the concept stage, and at the modelling stage to get the plans, rough sections and elevations from the project.

We had a great time ( so they told me) and then my aunt and had to rush to catch the train home.     

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