Jonathan Pickup, Live from Asbury Park

21st June 2010
Tonight, I went over to New Jersey to attend the New Jersey Vectorworks User Group. They were very kind to invite me over and they provided pizza and sandwiches for the group, about 14 were there.

Some of the users were in my online user group, some had my manuals, but everyone was pleased to see me.

We had several questions about NURBS, which I love showing. I hope everyone learned something about how easy they are to use, and when to use them. In order to cover the NURBS, I also covered working planes.

After a short break, we went back to covering basic concepts: planar objects, extrusion, duplicate along a path, and layers and classes.

I would like to thank everyone that attended, thanks for giving up your time to listen to me. Thank you to and
Novedge are a major online vectorworks reseller, and vectorworking are a great community site.

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