novedge Vectorworks Webinar Series – 002 What is BIM? How does it make you more Productive?

Can BIM Make You More Productive or Improve the Quality of Your Work?

Lots of people talk about BIM (Building Information Modeling), it means as well as creating 2D drawings for plans, sections, and elevations, you can draw walls, floors, roofs and other 3D forms in Vectorworks and use these to create live plans, sections and elevations, as well as extracting non-graphic information from the model like a finish schedule, door and window schedule, and other information like wall areas and glass areas.

If you set up your Vectorworks files correctly, you will find it quicker to draw your projects, the building forms in 3D easily and you can use the model to create drawings and elevations. When you edit the doors, windows or form of the building, you can quickly re-generate the elevations. This is the productivity part, but there is more.

If you use the dimensioning tools correctly, dimensions will update as you change the design. This will keep all views of the model up to date. If you move a door, all drawings that show that door with dimension will update. This manages the risk of changes.

You can use the model at an early stage to check the design against site restrictions, check for awkward junctions, and study the effect of the sun. This is the quality part, where you can check to make sure your design is doing what you wanted.

Join Novedge and Jonathan Pickup to learn more about using BIM with Vectorworks.

Archoncad have created a movie based manual, Introduction to BIM. If you want more information about using BIM with Vectorworks, this is a great introduction.

If you really want to learn more about BIIM in general, buy this book. It has a lot of information, but not many pictures.

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