Novedge Vectorworks Webinar Series – Stairs

archoncad and novedge have started to present  series of short webinars focusing of various aspects of Vectorworks. The first webinar was today and the subject was about stairs.

How are you supposed to use the stairs? The new stair tool, the custom stairs, the simple stair, what is best and how do they work?
Vectorworks 2010 introduced a completely new stair tool because the previous stair tool had received so many complaints. The old stair tool is still available, but it has been renamed the Custom Stair. I Have heard some complaints about the new stair tool in Vectorworks 2010. I think a lot of these complaints arise because the tools are complex and need to be understood.  That’s what this webinar is all about. 
Suitable for beginners and everyone that has trouble with stairs. I have recorded the webinar and I will embed it here. Be patient, the video seems to take a while to load.

novedge webinar series – 001 Stairs from Jonathan Pickup on Vimeo.

If you enjoyed the presentation and want to get more information about dealing with stairs, you will find a detailed set of movies about stairs in my Vector-workout Guide to Productivity, available from archoncad or novedge

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