Vectorworks e-Stores

For a long time, it has been hard to find a Vectorworks e-store that sells a good range of 3rd-party training and plug-ins for Vectorworks. There is vectordepot, which has been throughly updated. But what has really been missing is an electronic store, like amazon, where you can buy what you want for Vectorworks. It seems they are like London buses. Nothing for ages, then two come along at once…

There is a great e-store for the UK and Europe, at This store is an old friend of mine from when I used to work in London, so I know it can be trusted. You will find them  really knowledgeable with Vectorworks, and they provide great support and training. They have just set up the e-store for automated purchasing. Look for this store to expand its line of products. 

There is a fantastic new e-store from the New Zealand Vectorworks Distributor, Megabits Trust. This store covers training, manuals, courses and additions to Vectorworks (plug-ins). I have enjoyed working with megabits for over 12 years now, and I throughly recommend them. The megabits site is becoming a one-stop shop to get the best from Vectorworks. They have printed manuals, electronic movie based manuals, short manuals, online training courses and the best of the commercial plug-ins to expand you Vectorworks. 

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