201 Vectorworks Landmark Course

I have a 201 Vectorworks Landmark course starting next week. This course is ideal for Vectorworks users that want to draw their landmark projects in 3D. I think that drawing your projects in 3D is very important. I have one client that moved form 2D plans to 3D presentations. They found that the conversion rate from concept to construction on site went from 40% for the 2D drawings to 90% for the 3D presentation.

In this course, we start with a blank file. This is to show you how to set up your drawing, units and dimensions. Then we will create a site plan using the Property Line tool. This is a great tool for drawing a property because it uses surveyor’s bearings.

Next we create a 3D site and a quick building with doors and windows. This gives you the context for your landscape.

Then we draw a deck addition to the building, add the planting and hardscape and set up our 3D views and make drawings.

You can book for this course, at this site

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