Vector Depot gets Makeover – Plug-ins for Vectorworks

There is a third party site where you can find shared Vectorworks objects, tools, hatches and plug-in objects,

I have recommended this site several times, and now the site has had a makeover, to make the site easier to navigate and find what you want. The reason this site is so useful is the amount of stuff you can find here. Many of the products are free and there are some you have to pay for.

For example, there are a couple of tools to help you to improve your drawings. One of the tools is a drawing label object, and the other tool is one of mine, that Mike Moore in Australia updated to work in viewports.

We have made these tools free so you can download them and start using them. We have also made them open source so you can see how they were made and learn to make your own. Maybe you can make the tools better and share them back.

There are a huge range of things that people have shared.  This shows just a small amount of the symbols you can get from VectorDepot. There are so many, I can’t list them all, you need to visit this site and look through the symbols that are available.

VectorDepot is not just for the latest Vectorworks. There are a huge number of old tools for older versions of Vectorworks. I have used several of these, and I still use a few of these tools in my current version of Vectorworks (2010), so don’t forget to look at the older plug-ins.

There has been some discussion lately about the support for 3rd party things for Vectorworks. This i s a long-standing 3rd party site that supports Vectorworks.

Please support this site!

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