Jonathan Pickup to visit USA

After too many years, I am planning a return to USA for a short trip in mid-June 2010. The aim of the trip is to meet many of the people I have been working with, and to meet user groups. I will start my trip on the east coast around Philadelphia, Maryland and NYC.

If you have a user group, please get in touch with me, I’d love to come and share my knowledge of Vectorworks with you. I am planning on coming to NYC to meet the user group. If you are in NYC, get in touch with the user group there and tell them you are interested, book your place now!
If you are in eastern PA, get in touch with Steve  and tell him you want to be there. We should have a lot of fun, i was at Steve’s group today over skype. It should be a lot better to be in person. 
If you are in Maryland, New Jersey, Philadelphia, or nearby, get in touch with your local user group. I would like to talk to them about having me visit. I will in in San Francisco or Fresno from 24-27 June. 
If you would be willing to show me around you office, or town, get in touch with me. One reason for my trip is to look at the way people use Vectorworks. If you have a multi-user environment and you would to show me how you use Vectorworks, I’d like to listen. If you would like to show me round your town, then please get in touch. 
I am currently looking for sponsors and hosts. If you can help please email me [email protected]

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