Vectorworks ebook Manuals

I believe that ebooks will become a valuable way of getting training, reading manuals, getting course notes and so on. There are now several ebook readers available, like the kindle, nook, sony and others. You can get an ebook reader for the PC, Mac, iphone blackberry and so on. 

It seems to me, that when you get an ebook, you are not tied to one device. I have been looking at the Amazon Kindle. First because of the device itself, but also because Amazon have made a kindle ebook reader for the iphone, blackberry, mac and pc. so now you can read the same book in several places. Amazon have stated that the kindle app will be available for the new ipad as well. This is starting to look like a serious way to deliver manuals and books. 

I have stated to work on a series of ebooks for Vectorworks, some of which are already on the kindle store, and I need some feedback from users. If you would like to help me, please get in touch. I would like feed back on:
whether you see ebooks as useful;
the outlines of manuals;
feed back on the actual manuals (may require purchasing).If you have comments about the usefulness of ebooks, please leave your comments below. If you are interested in being more involved in the development of my ebooks, please email me, [email protected]

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