Amazon Kindle for Macintosh, PC, iPhone, iPad and, oh yeah, Kindle

I’m amazed that amazon has done so well with the Kindle. At first I thought the Kindle was limited to the device, but it seems lately that Amazon has made a concerted effort to make the Kindle independent of the the device.

For  a long time you have been able to read Kindle books on the Kindle device, iPhone, blackberry and a PC. Last week Amazon released the Kindle for Mac application. Today I read about Kindle for Tablet computers. This is a web page from Amazon that specifically mentions the kindle app for the iPad. Any kindle books you buy now, will be available on most of your devices.

A friend of mine has been been looking a Vectorworks manuals on a Kindle. So, I asked how was it, using the Kindle?

A: It’s a handy reader. Those who have one like it  I’m sure. It’s easy to use  I don’t know how many VW users have one , but it is a good resource for sure.

Q: Could you really use it for all your Vectorworks training manuals, instead of a library?
A:  I think so. Having it next to you as you work , for reference it is a great option.

When you start the Kindle App on your iphone, amazon uses the Wispersync to check the books you have downloaded.

If you were reading on one device, that book is opened on the iphone to the correct page.

You have a library, where you can see all the books you have.

Tapping on a book will open the book. You can easily adjust the size of the text to make it easier to read. But the images do not re-size.

If you pinch the image, you can make it larger. This will let you navigate your way around the image. The cross closes the image and takes you back to the book.

These images are from an iPhone.

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