Why Invest in Vectorworks if You Won’t Learn How to Use it Effectively?

I have been chatting to my friend Bill. He was telling me about several of his clients that have bought Vectorworks, but are not willing to invest in training. That’s like buying a car that you can’t drive.

Vectorworks is a sophisticated program, there is so much you an learn about it. The difference between being self-taught and learning from a trainer could be the difference of an hour a day when you are up to speed. So, you could save yourself a day a week if you used the training resources that are available.

Some of my manuals look expensive, but if you were having trouble with roofs for example, you might find the answer in my manual within a few minutes, saving you a few hours of trial and error. Those saved hours would easily pay for my most expensive manuals.

Another example is learning correctly, from the beginning. I have some users at my 101 Landmark course this week. They are learning the correct way to get started, the easy way to draw landscapes. To get started well makes it easy to use vectorworks forever, and it makes Vectorworks fun. Attending a course is the easy way to get started, someone watches you to make sure you are
learning correctly.

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