It’s Never The Right Time To Start Your Vectorworks Library

I’ve been chatting to a client over skype today. We were talking about making a Vectorworks library. My client was talking about how he has finally started to make his Vectorworks library, even though it is not the right time. I think that it’s never he right time to start your Vectorworks library, but you have to start it anyway. If you wait until the right time, you will be waiting forever.

Do not wait until you have all the symbols you need, that will never happen, because you will always be need more. Building technology changes, client requests change, you change. So, do not wait.

There are so many parts to the Vectorworks library. In the past, you used one file to build your Vectorworks library. All your hatches, gradients, symbols and so on would be stored there. You could add this your Resource Browser as a favorite.







Vectorworks now uses a folder to store default content. Hatches are stored in one place, gradients in another.

This might not seem a good idea, but it really does work well. When you use the Attributes Palette to assign a hatch, Vectorworks looks in the hatch default folder and shows you all the hatches it finds. this makes it easy to assign the hatches from your library.








So, the answer is to get started now. Make a library, even a bad one. It will make you more efficient than no library.

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