Electronic books

I have been looking at ebooks on the Internet lately, and I am starting to see them as being more useful.

I’ve been looking at ebooks since I got my first Palm Pilot, about ten years ago. At first I found them to be too small to read, and too many pages. A small novel turns into a thousand pages. The would end up with writing was too small, or there would end up with just one paragraph on each page.

Lately, I’ve been trying out ebooks on my iPhone. The screen is small, but not too small. The text is easy to resize. You can read landscape or portrait, and it’s easy to change the brightness.

Ideally, if the iPhone was bigger, it would be even better, like the Kindle from Amazon. I would love to try out a Kindle, but they don’t sell the kindle where I live. Is there anyone out there with a kindle willing to tell me what it is like? Please leave a comment, or email me.

The new Apple iPad should be the answer. Like an iPhone, but bigger.

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