Using iWeb for blogging

Until recently, I have been usin iWeb (the Apple application) for writing my blogs. I recently made some changes to the name of my blog, and iWeb changed the names of all my podcasts and blogs.

This has broken all my podcast and blog links. So, every link to a blog or podcast that I have written or created is now broken. This is not the effect I wanted.

I’m really dissapointed, I really enjoy using iWeb to create my blogs. It’s very easy to use, maybe it’s too easy, and so it turned out to be too good to be true.

One of the things I just found out about iWeb, is that you can’t copy the text off the screen when you look at the web. When you look at a iWeb site in a browser, instead off seeing text that you can copy and paste, you see an image. No copy and pasting, and my guess is that robots and spiders can’t read the image.

So, for now, I’m back to using this site for blogging. If you have any suggestions for software to use for blogging, leave a comment below.

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