What do When You Are Between Projects

While you are waiting for the next project to start, or if your business is having a quiet time, you should build up your skills and use this time to make your business stronger.

I have been chatting with my friend Roger Williams about what users can do if they are having a quiet time. Roger has a couple of suggestions:

Well we all want more project work but it’s not here yet so what do we do to keep busy? Why not sharpen our VW CAD skills so we can work more efficiently when the new work comes to us. I’m sure we all have our manuals and reference books. Some can be a challenge to slug through but answers are there. There is a lot on-line as well. So why not put all of these resources to good use building your own Vectorworks resources.

Here are some of the resources you can use (and they are all free):








Spend a few minutes early in the day to set up a learning schedule over a couple of weeks or so. Let’s say something like an hour or two every other day to take on a task or “learning update” then DO IT!! Here are few a tasks and learning upgrades that we should all do.

Thanks for that Roger.

There are also resources that are commercial products. I write several manuals and tutorials, and I help several clients online. Many people don’t know that I spend a large part of my day providing online training and support to my clients. If you want online training and support, contact me directly at [email protected]

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