How Productive Could You Be?

I often meet clients that are not aware of how powerful Vectorworks is. When I show them some productivity techniques, they are amazed at the time savings. The problem is, until I show the clients what they are missing, they have no idea that the tools or techniques are available. When you don’t know something, it’s really hard to ask for help on it.

So, here is a list of things that you should know if you want to Vectorworks effectively and if you want save yourself a lot of time. Ask yourself if you know all about these techniques listed below. If you have heard about these but don’t know much about them, you need to attend training, or buy my productivity manual, if you have not heard about these, then you REALLY need to attend training and buy my productivity guide.

  1. Do you know the best practice for importing and exporting DXF/DWG files?
  2. Do you know that you can use the 2D Reshape tool for all path-based objects?
  3. What is it about the Select Similar (magic wand) tool that makes it so useful?
  4. Do you know how to use Duplicate Array and have Vectorworks calculate the spacing?
  5. Do you know how to create and manage symbols for your office library?
  6. Do you know what snaps (constraints) are for?
  7. Do you know how to create and manage hatches, images and gradients?
  8. Do you know how to create and use a layer and class standard, do you know what a layer and class is?
  9. Do you ever have troublesome walls?
  10. Ever have trouble dealing with roofs?
  11. Do you know how to create and manage viewports on sheet layers.
  12. Do you know how to create and manage viewports on design layers.
  13. Do you know how to use and manage the Callout tool?
  14. Do you know how to use all the annotation tools?
  15. Do you have trouble with the Resource Browser?
  16. Do you know how to use site modeling to create a solar study?
  17. Do you know what the Snap Loupe is?
  18. When should you use the Rotate Plan?
  19. Do you know how to customize Vectorworks to make it work the way you want?

“Jon-I’ve been going through the productivity workout and it’s fantastic!” – William (MA).

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