SST_0910 – What’s New in Vectorworks 2010

I’ve been spending the last couple of months updating my Vectorworks manuals for 2010. I have several clients asking if they should upgrade to the new version of Vectorworks. If you are working on Vectorworks 12.5, then yes, upgrade right now. There are so many advances in Vectorworks since you last bought Vectorworks.

If you are using Vectorworks 2008 or 2009, then look at these notes. You might find that there are enough reasons to upgrade.


General Vectorworks

  • Improved 3D Snapping
  • Planar Graphics
  • Working Planes
  • Interactive Dimensions
  • New Dash Style Capabilities
  • New Purge Capabilities
  • New Rectangle, Arc, and Circle Modes
  • Connect/Combine Tool Support for Multiple Objects
  • Chamfer by Length Option
  • Shortcut Support for Modification Tools
  • Mapping and Scaling Associative Hatches
  • Importing Improvements
  • Simultaneous Dimension Editing
  • New Dimension Standard Options
  • Dimension Text Drag Support
  • Chain Dimension Text Collision Control
  • Arc Length Dimension Tool
  • Fractional Dimension Display
  • Adobe AIR for Online Help
  • Improved File Referencing Capabilities
  • In-Place Reference Editing
  • Improved Viewport Crop Editing
  • Resource Browser View Enhancement
  • New Unified 2D/3D Environment

Vectorworks Architect

  • Insert symbol in Wall control
  • Wall Sculpting
  • Improved Drawing Coordination
  • New Stair Tool
  • Enhanced Wall Joining
  • New Notes Manager Capabilities
  • Improved Wall Hole Textures
  • New Content

Landscape Design Features

  • New and Improved Parking Tools
  • New Hardscape Capabilities
  • Improved Landscape Area Object
  • New Plant Definition Options
  • New Grade Calculator
  • Use Site Modifiers on Visible Layers Only
  • New Stake Object Coordinates
  • New Landmark Schedule Command
  • New Content
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