How do you Change the Name of a Viewport?

When you upgrade to Vectorworks 2010, you will find that viewports can have a name and a drawing title. The Drawing Title is the name that Vectorworks will use in the drawing label placed in the Annotations portion of the viewport.

When you update your drawings to Vectorworks 2010, you will have to check the drawing title on every viewport. To do this, you will have to select each viewport, then check the Drawing Title in the Object Info palette.

This could be a real hassle, so I’ve made a special tool that will make it easy to change the Drawing Title.

To use the tool, you click on the viewport.

This will open a dialog box. Type in the new Drawing Title.

Click on the OK button, and Vectorworks will update your viewport Drawing Title and the drawing label if you have used one.

How can you get this tool? This month, my Short Sharp Training (a subscription service) will be covering the upgrade to Vectorworks 2010, and I will be giving this tool to all my subscribers.

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