Time To Get The Firewood In

I have a tree in my yard that needs to be cut down, so I have started to cut up the tree and turn it into firewood. While I was stacking the wood, I was thinking about how wet the wood is and how it takes to dry out before I can burn it.

It’s spring here now, and it’s time to start thinking about getting in the firewood for next winter. You can’t cut down your firewood when you need it, because it has to dry out. You have to get your firewood in several months before you need it, so it can be ready for you when it gets cold. This is a metaphor for our businesses. We need to put in the training before we need it so we can practice and be ready.

How do we learn to use our CAD programs? Do we wait until we are in a desperate rush and then try to learn in a hurry? I have some clients that want to learn Vectorworks but they don’t think like a farmer, they don’t get the knowledge in in preparation for the rush, they try to learn when they are under pressure.

Before the recession, i had several clients say to me “I’m too busy right now to learn how to be productive…” There are definite signs that we are slowly coming out of the recession, although it might be a slow recovery. What better time to upgrade your software and learn how to use it really well.

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