cadmovie346 – Creating and Managing your Vectorworks Libraries Part 7

Layer and class standards are part of developing your library. When you create symbols you will use specific classes. When you create other information on the drawings you will use layers and classes. It would be easier to have a set of layers and classes that you use in a place that make s them easy to get to.

When you create a lot of drawings it’s essential that your drawings are similar to each other in the way they are set up.  The best way to ensure that the drawings are consistent is to use a layer and class standard to make sure that you are using the same layer names, the same class names and the same class settings in each project.  VectorWorks comes with a layer and class standard concept and you can use this to set up your own layer and class standards. You do this by creating a file with all your standard layer names and class names with the attributes in it and saving it in the Standards folder.

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