Excited About the Future of Vectorworks?

When wall styles first came out, people asked to the ability to put the wall components on different classes. We got that in Vectorworks 2008.
When landscapers complained that placing large areas of planting was unworkable, we got the Landscape Area tool in 2009.
When architects complained that the roof framer could not place purlins on top of rafters, we got that ability in Vectorworks 2009. 

I don’t know what the future of Vectorworks is, but I do know the people that make Vectorworks listen to the users, so you should tell them what the future of Vectorworks should be. The community board is a great place to tell NNA what you think is missing, so they can think about adding it:
It takes a while for suggestions to make it into Vectorworks, but don’t despair. Sometimes new ideas are quick to arrive, sometimes they take time. 
So, am I excited about the future of Vectorworks? 
Yes! When NNA listens to users I realize we have a long term program that we can invest into. It makes sense for my clients to invest in manuals, courses and al sorts of training. 
Get to the Community Board, get involved in it and help make Vectorworks better. 

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