Hi, I’m John

I’ve been using Vectorworks since version 10, so I thought I pretty much knew everything. I upgraded to Vectorworks 2009 and thought I would get a few pointers on the upgrade. I was reluctant to employ Jonathan over the Internet to teach me. After all, why not get him here with me for a day or so, I mean how intensive could it be. Really  though, I don’t trust all this new technology, but because I’ve know Jonathan for a long time, I decided to trust him.
“Boy, am I glad I tried this out! I thought I knew a lot about Vectorworks, it turns out i was just playing with it. Jonathan and I had 2 one hour sessions each day. At every session Jonathan was amazing at unlocking the power of Vectorworks and making it easy for me to understand. The online training system with Jonathan works so well, I’m now a true believer of this technology!”  John 
Be like John, get upskilled.
Go to http://www.archoncad.com or email [email protected] to find out more!

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