Where should you look for the Best Vectorworks Manuals?

I saw this on the NNA Community Board:
Just to let everyone know that I am making progress on the Room Finish Schedule and am making it work.  There is a very good description as to how to set up a Room Finish Schedule on Jonathan Pickup’s site www.archoncad.co.nz.  Roger has been bugging me to join Jonathan’s user group for quite a while and I finally did so last week.  I found an explanation on how to set up the automated Room Finish Schedule in Issue 0809 September 2008—Room Finishes Schedule and this investment is turning out to be well worth it.
As far as I can tell, there doesn’t seem to be a bug as initially stated by NNA Tech Support.  There also doesn’t seem to be any explanation of how to set up an automated Room Finish Schedule in NNA published User Guides, or Professional Learning Series DVD’s, on the VectorWorks web site, in any of the NNA VectorWorks forums or data bases or in any history of the VectorWorks User Discussion List.  So, Jonathan is providing a much needed learning tool for this issue and I am looking forward to viewing the other learning tools and guides for other issues.  Kudos for Jonathan for doing so (and no he didn’t ask me to plug his site for him!).
So, if you are looking for the best Vectorworks manuals, the manuals that really unlock the power of Vectorworks you need archoncad manuals!

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