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“I am a sole practitioner, so time and cost are important to me, but worse than that, there is no one else I can ask to do my work. If I’m not at work for a day, my work won’t get done, I’ll have to work harder to catch up. I’ve been looking around at other design professionals and I see that others are using CAD to expand their businesses, improve productivity, and to keep their businesses alive in a recession by offering new services. I’m new to Vectorworks and I’m not sure how to make the most from my investment in Vectorworks. The problem with spending two whole days in some stuffy training seminar is that it will cost me two days of lost productivity. The cost of the course is nothing compared the the trouble of making up the two days I’m not at work. Besides, I would be in a large group, how would I get individual attention, the training might go to fast, they might cover too much each day for me to remember. I wish they would arrange these seminars closer to where I work. I see some seminars on the other side of the country, which means I would have to fly, the ones that are closer, still mean hours of driving. What a waste of my time, and at what cost to the environment?
Ideally, I want structured training, in a small group of people so I can get individual attention, in small chunks so I can digest each session, and put into practice what I’ve learned before I move on to the next session. And I want the training to be close to my office, so close that I don’t have to take my car would be good.”  Joe 
Archoncad now offers you effective In-Depth Training – when you want it, without leaving the comfort of your office or workspace! Why? Because we want you to get the best from Vectorworks! To become more skilled, productive and creative! And it’s truly cost effective!
Go to archoncad.com or email [email protected] to find out more!

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