cadmovie304 – Setting up Drawing for a Building Project

Using classes, design layers, viewports, and sheet layers to set up drawings. Should you use sheet layers and viewports?


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3 thoughts on “cadmovie304 – Setting up Drawing for a Building Project

    • Saved Views are not comparable to Sheet Layers and Viewports, so you can’t choose to use one or the other. There is a big conceptual difference between them. Viewports allow you to use the 3D model to create plans, sections and elevations. This is the heart of BIM and if you use Saved Views only, you are missing BIM. Viewports allow you to do several things that saved views do not. For example a view has individual control over:
      – layer visibility
      – layer options
      – class visibility
      – class options
      – class overrides (changing the graphics of objects)
      – scale
      – crop area (the area visible in the viewport)
      – hatch scaling
      – line weight scaling
      – lighting
      – backgroud

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