Help Vectorworks to be better

Most of us want Vectorworks to be better. In the latest e-Dispatch from NNA, Sean Flaherty tells how you can help. there is a function in Vectorworks 2009 to allow error reporting to NNA. 
“ if you’re keen to help us improve our product, we need you to take action that will give us more specific data. By selecting, “Send crash details,” our team of programmers here gets notified automatically of any crashes and where in Vectorworks they occurred. If you’d like to help R&D improve Vectorworks even more, please elect to send us “usage patterns” also; this helps us see what events led up to a particular crash. To allay any privacy concerns you may have, we never see the data in your drawings. In addition, the information we collect is very tight and has no impact on your software operations, though it has the potential to have a lot of impact on our development.”
So, if you want to help, go to the menu bar. Choose Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences… Then click on the Session tab. Here you will find the settings Sean is talking about. 
If you don’t see the error reporting on your Vectorworks preferences, that means you need to upgrade to the latest version. The new Service Pack 2 has the error reporting. If you have Vectorworks 2009, upgrade to Service Pack 2, it’s free.  

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