SST_0901 – Creating an Asset Database

Creating an Asset Database (Facilities Management)

In this workshop we will learn how to make objects into symbols. Then we will learn how you can attach information to the objects.

In the first example we will use furniture and computers as the example. We want to record the type of object, the size of specification of the object and then create a report on these objects, sorting them by type.

In the second example we have a site plan with plants. We will use standard VectorWorks plants, and we will add our own information to them. We want to know when the plants were planted, who gifted the plants, when do they need fertilizer, and when to they need pruning. 

 Q & A – How can I export a Worksheet to DXF/DWG? 

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2 thoughts on “SST_0901 – Creating an Asset Database

  1. Thinking of being able to assign furniture to particular rooms and then have that assignment report easily, is it possible to use the “Link Text to Record” ability to connect a Space name to a “Room” field?

    • it would not be automatic, but you can set up the report to look for objects inside the room, that would do the same thing maybe. When you update the report it would look for all the object that were inside the room.

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