cadsupportonline user group topics 2008 for Vectorworks

I have just finished the cadsupportonline user group notes for January 2008. The user group notes are much more like a manual than notes, so from now on I’ll be referring  the notes as a manual, or monthly manual. The January manual covers 30 productivity tricks that you should be using. Starting at the beginning of the year using VectorWorks productively seemed like a good idea to me and some of the users agree…

“I have been working my way through the latest issue of cadsupportonline – slowly as there are a lot of interesting points. So far I have thought “Yes I know that” but in quite a few cases there has been an extra bit that will make things so much faster.

Thanks for starting the year with such a good topic and I look forward to staying in touch and learning heaps more.”

I have a list of topics for the user group manuals for 2008, but there is room for your comments and suggestions. Leave comments here. Thanks

PS. If you are not a member of the cadsupportonline user group you should visit this page to join.

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