Plan Now For 2008

Make 2008 a great year for you! I know people that don’t have good luck, things they want to do don’t work out. Yet other people are successful, things seem to work out for them. I know this can sound simplistic, but generally 2008 will go the way you truly plan it. 
I have often read positive books and they are great to keep you motivated. They also help you to think about what you want and to focus on it. There is a book that was released recently called “The Secret” ( The book has become famous, but i think the message has  been around for a long time. A motivational classic by James Allen “As A Man Thinketh”  ( tells us that what you truly focus on will come true. 
Could it be that easy? It sounds easy but you have to work at it. You have to set the goals, then plan how you will achieve the goals. For some people, the hardest part is believing that they will achieve the goals. There are loads of positive motivation books that tell you to believe in your goals, get some of these books and read them…
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